• Sukey McDonough


Updated: Feb 11, 2020

A re-do of the February 2020 post.

My life has veered off course. Divorce, major relocation, adjusting to a new living arrangement, dealing with many disturbing elements pertaining to aforementioned divorce, sorely missing the two Rocks of Gibraltar in my life (my two adult children), caring for my elderly father while working at new job, working at rebuilding a foundation on which to begin a new life chapter...

There is so much unfinished business in the old life that was never addressed. And if certain things are dealt with as they should have been months ago, my younger daughter will have to lead the way when she finds the will and mindset to do so (she already possesses the courage!!!). Whether this is done through her father or in spite of him, I pray that she finds peace of mind and closure, two things sadly, wrongfully denied her for over sixteen years! Her sister and I, loved ones and friends are relieved that she found the strength to open up about the pain she has been holding in for far too many years. After all the struggle and trauma, there is no monetary value that can be placed on accountability, truth and genuine remorse, three crucial elements that have yet to be expressed to her by the individual who caused her so much pain.

To be continued:

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